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Best Price Guarantee - Save 10%

Offers for every occasion - whether for long-term stays or shorter visits: Discover our flexible offers, the opening offers for our new hotels or even the specials for longstays, companies and groups. Enjoy the direct booking advantage only on our website and save 10% on all your bookings. Make your online reservation through our website right now or simply ask us your questions through the contact form. The Select Hotels team is always happy to help.

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Early bird special -10%

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Whether it's a business trip, a meeting or a private stay: as soon as the date is set, you should book your room and take advantage of our hot deal right away! Because with our attractive early booking discount, you can secure a discount of up to 10%. In addition, you can cross the item "book hotel" directly off your to-do list and rely on pleasant business comfort with us: Select hotels with four-star comfort and more than 20 locations throughout Europe can be reserved immediately!

Longstay offer

Long-term stays

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Benefit from our motto "the longer you stay, the more you save" thanks to our attractive price scale. Our room and apartment facilities are specially designed for long-term stays.

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Save exclusive N-Member benefits

Whether regular guest or first-time booker: All hotel guests can become members of Select Hotels' free N-Members program. Registration via the website is uncomplicated and takes less than a minute. As a member, you benefit from attractive discounts and special upgrades that are only available to N-Members.

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